Update on Monday this week. Tomorrow is Yule, the next day is my son’s first birthday…

Sculpey snowman! This is designed to fit with a 1/12 scale dollhouse, or just as a little knick-knack type of decoration. It doesn’t really matter what type of polymer clay you used for this (I used Sculpey III for the whole thing) because everything is reinforced with wire. My snowman is about 2 1/4 inches tall.

Happy holidays in whatever form it comes to you!



  • I used white, burnt umber, black, and orange Sculpey III.
  • Wire. Beading wire is fine, but a slightly thicker wire would be better.
  • Wire cutters, pliers.
  • Tin foil
  • Clean, flat surface to work on
  • Something to cut the clay with

Roll 1/2 inch ball of white for head. Roll a slightly bigger ball of tin foil for the body, and a slightly bigger ball for the base. Cover the foil balls with white clay until they reach the size you want, rolling until smooth. Press the base lightly onto your surface to flatten the bottom. Cut a piece of wire about half an inch long and insert about halfway into the top of the base. Position your body on press it down onto the wire. Cut another piece of wire about half an inch long and insert it into the top of the body. Position the head and press it down on top of the wire. You should have a naked snowman.

For the arms, cut two pieces of wire about 1 1/4 inches long. Cover about an inch of the wire with the brown clay, and then stick the uncovered ends into the body of the snowman.

For the hat, roll out 3/8 inch ball of black. Flatten on top and bottom and smooth the sides to form the top of the head. Cut a piece of wire about 1/2 long, insert into the top of the head. Position the hat and press down onto the wire. For the brim, roll a log about 1/16 inch thick and wrap around the base of the hat. Cut it when you’ve formed a complete circle, and smooth it over with your fingers as much as you can without changing the shape.

For the nose, roll out 1/8 inch ball of orange. Roll into a point at one end, shaping it like a carrot. Cut a piece of wire to go about halfway into the length of the carrot, and the same length into the head of the snowman. Put the wire into the carrot first, then press it into the snowman’s head.

For the eyes and buttons, roll out tiny balls of black, position them where you want them, and then press them flat onto the snowman. My snowman’s mouth has 6 very tiny flattened balls.

Bake for 20 minutes.

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