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Ok. So I’m a gamer. Wheee! My favorite video game ever of all time (right now) is Borderlands 2. I am hooked. And my favorite character in my favorite video game ever is MISTER TORGUE. I’ve been making noises for a little while about making some just-for-me-totally-for-fun fan-art. So… This happened.

And I have to be honest, I haven’t had this much fun crocheting something in a long time. I was SO EXCITED ABOUT IT (as friends on Facebook could tell you- sorry!). So excited.

I went through my usual, “Uhh, I sure hope this pulls together at the end ’cause I’m kinda not thrilled with it right now,” but it totally did. I LOVE HIM.

For those familiar, yes, there are several detail differences. I blame that on my chosen media and the scale. But I couldn’t wait for the sun to get up high enough this morning to take pictures, I was ALL EXCITED OMG.


So excited.

It’s a Ball of Stuffing!


Congratulations, it’s a ball of stuffing! So I made a pregnant doll because I couldn’t really find a whole lot of them (or, like, any). There’s not really a whole lot to say about her… She came together pretty quickly and she was fun to make! Pattern available on Etsy and slightly cheaper on Ravelry.

Also, her expectant state is in no way a reflection of my uterus, which is completely empty. 😉

Part of the reason that I’m not coming up with a whole lot to say about her, I think, is that I’m frustrated and cranky. I’ve been battling with the internet all day and apparently my router won’t let me FTP. This throws a HUGE kink in my need-a-website plans. Frustrated and cranky. I do have a pot of coffee on, though, and that should be done soon. Coffee fixes everything.

ALSO. My next pattern I’m working on will be a hippopotamus (won with a vote of 6-4). I will be doing a crochet-along with the hippopotamus. I’ll provide you with a free crochet pattern, we’ll all make it, and it will be fun. IT WILL BE. I’m not sure if I’ll be doing it via blog or on Ravelry, but I’m thinking it’ll be Ravelry BECAUSE it’ll be super easy to dispense the pattern that way. There will be more information as details get hammered out. After all, I do need to write the pattern first. 😀

It’s a Hat!

I am headed out on the town tonight (this is a very rare event for me) and yesterday I was thinking out loud and said, “I wish I had a cute hat to wear.” My daughter heard me and said, “You could make one.” I was all, “I probably don’t have enough time…” but then I logged into Ravelry and started looking at patterns. I was going for a very specific look, like a fedora, and I ended up with this.

There I am, looking very tired. I’m going to see if there will be a better picture tonight of the hat in action, but NO PROMISES!

It’s a trilby. In my hat search, I learned that a trilby is like a fedora, just with a short and more-turned-up-in-the-back brim.

Trilby it is. I’m afraid it’s just a little small. It didn’t take too long to work up, but sadly I am out of that color of yarn, so I may need to order some more from a Labor Day sale of some sort and make another one. Because I love it.

The pattern is here and it is AWESOME. I messed up a little to start with, but that was only due to my lack of reading comprehension. I tweaked the pattern a little because I used an H-hook and it was just a tiny bit smaller than the gauge, and I had to make it fit better.

Glaucus Lungs

Well, maybe not.

A year or two ago, I ran into a picture on Facebook of Glaucus Atlanticus. I had no idea what it was, but I was all, “Oooh, pretty!” Of course, not knowing what it was, I didn’t have much luck tracking it down. It came up a little while after that and I knew it was a nudibranch (sea slug), but there are more than 3000 species of nudibranch so I was all, “NEEDLE IN A HAYSTACK!” and gave up. And then… Last week, someone posted a picture of it and said what it was and I was all, “I NEED TO MAKE THAT.”

So I made one.


And there it is. I loves it. It is the largest thing I’ve made to date, at 14″ long. I made it backwards from what I usually do. Usually I start with the body and work out. With this one, I started with the cerata (fingery/tentacly things) and worked in.

Glaucus atlanticus is also called the sea swallow and blue dragon, among a bunch of other names.

Pattern available on Etsy and slightly cheaper on Ravelry.

I also made another dishcloth pattern, it’s lungs this time!

Lungs! Pattern on Etsy and slightly cheaper on Ravelry.

Patterns, Patterns, Patterns!

I have finally accepted that I just don’t have the time right now to both design *and* crank out finished crochet pieces. So… PATTERN ALL THE THINGS! There will be a lot more patterns coming out again. Including… Different kinds of patterns!

Like THIS! This is a chart.

Charting was a lot easier than I thought it would be, but then again this is just a basic color-changing chart. There will be more of these coming with different body parts. MOAR.
Pattern available on Etsy and slightly cheaper on Ravelry.

Also, I decided just to go with Red Riding Hood and the wolf. Eh… I’m ok about Red Riding Hood, but I’m a LOT happier with the wolf than I thought I would be. You’d think that I’d have learned to trust myself by now, but no. No, I haven’t.
I love the cape. LOVE. The bread and wine come out of the basket for ease of giving to Grandma.
Pattern available on Etsy and slightly cheaper on Ravelry.

Also. In addition to PATTERNING ALL THE THINGS, I will also be making kits for keychains. It is a pain in the butt (and a little pricey) to track down single keychains, so I’ll be offering kits with hook, yarn, stuffing, keychain thingy, and printed pattern. And quite possibly a yarn needle, because yarn needle. And I’m really thinking about two ambitious new projects, but I don’t know how quickly they’ll come together and they’re pretty ambitious, so I don’t think I’m quite ready to talk about them (and commit to them).

Oh, HI!

My posts seem to have gone bi-weekly, and I want to get back to posting at least once a week, so it’s Saturday… STILL SQUEAKING IN ON THIS WEEK!

This week in The Craft Frog, the kids got sick. And that seems to eat up a lot of time. They seem to have caught little colds from their weekend trip to the lake (WHICH WAS AWESOME, BY THE WAY). They’re still little mucus-factories, but at least they’re now both sleeping for relatively reasonable amounts of time. One of the things no one bothers to tell you when you become a parent is that when kids are sick, they tend to do things like stay up late, wake up every hour or two during the night, and wake up the next day SUPER EARLY.

The lake was awesome and a half. I am an introvert by nature, and I hardly ever go out. And I really mean hardly ever. This is compounded by the fact that there are no sidewalks in this silly town, and I (still) don’t drive. So. Hardly ever go out. But I got to go out and socialize WITH OTHER ADULTS for a while and that was most excellent. Also there was water and swimming and a sun burn (DAMNABLE SUN) and lots of grilled food and it was AWESOME. Awesome.

Today I am finishing up Red Riding Hood. I should be done with her by tonight. I’m kinda “meh” about the doll, but IN LOVE with the cape I made. Picture:

(Crappy picture that doesn’t fully capture the full preciousness of the thing that includes a tiny peak on the hood)
Also, I learned that if I really don’t love things, I just need to put an apron on them. 😉 I will be making two “wolves.” One should finish up SUPER quickly. The other one will determine how long this whole project takes.

I have… Finished Borderlands 2! Well, as much as you *can* finish it, there’s always more to do. But I got a Siren to 61 and killed The Warrior, so that was fun. I also started a Commando. I don’t like the Mechromancer quite as much as I thought I would, but maybe I just need to play her a little more?

Coffee Maker


This project took entirely too long, thanks in no small part to my constant having to frog and/or remake parts. There were also crochet-related injuries and glue frustrations. But it’s done.


I discovered my daughter playing with *my* coffee maker and decided to make one smaller and much less made with glass parts. 😉 Coffee is a rather large part of my creative process and apparently she’s noticed. *cough*

Setbacks aside, it came together pretty much the way I wanted it to. I used about half a(n empty) cereal box to support all of the flat bits. It was important to me (because it was important to my daughter) to make the filter basket removable so she could actually “make” the coffee. Velcro is my friend.

The pattern can be found on Etsy and for slightly cheaper on Ravelry.

Also recently finished is this.

That’s “Lily the Octopus,” as my son called him up until very recently. I promised him to my son for reaching a certain milestone and he did, so I whipped up a green platypus.

Next up is going to be some fanart. For ME. I’ve been playing Borderlands 2 lately (it’s my new favoritest game) and I want to make one of the characters. So I will. And then I’ll be doing Little Red Riding Hood. And then… Everything is up in the air!


Also, also: The wonderful Megan from Megan’s Beaded Designs featured ME (thank you!!) and there is a giveaway HERE.

A Froggy and a Winner

I made a red-eyed tree frog. I’ve been mulling over this one for a while and I finally decided to work through it and do it. I am getting a tattoo this weekend that will be both frog and crochet related and I was looking at pictures of tree frogs for inspiration and I was all, “I can do this. I can totally do this. I LOVE FROGS.” So I made one.


That one, in fact. And I love him. I made him for “me,” but of course he’s already been “borrowed” by someone. Because of course he has.

I started him not knowing what I was going to do with the feet. He was big enough that I wanted to do toes, but I didn’t exactly know how to do them. And then I got there and made the main part of the foot and then I was all, “Hey, maybe that’ll work!” Which happens frequently, actually. A lot of the time when I make a pattern I have the basic shape already worked out in my head, including the stitch patterns that will get me that shape, and then it’s just a matter of writing it out and adjusting as I need to. Sometimes… Not so much.

And, of course, the pattern is available on Etsy and slightly cheaper on Ravelry.

AND… Thank you to you lovely people who entered my giveaway! Our winner is…

Whiskey!! I’ll be in touch with you about your shramps.

Canada’s National Animal


Ta-da!!! This is Canada’s national animal, Castor canadensis. Also known as the North American beaver. (Slight nitpick, there are subspecies of the North American beaver, but I couldn’t really interpret enough of a difference between them to make in crochet).

I’ve never seen a beaver in the wild, but there was a lodge close to where I lived when I was growing up. Apparently they are big and cantankerous, although I saw them on a David Attenborough documentary recently where they were sharing their lodge with some other animals in the winter. Awfully nice of them.

Shaping it took a while. The proportions on the head kept being wrong. Initially I was going to make the head separate from the body, but then I couldn’t get the curve of the back right. So now head and body are one piece. My son wanted one, he appears to be pretty happy with it.

Pattern available on Etsy and slightly cheaper on Ravelry.

Next up: No idea. None. I’m fighting off a headcold and had a crappy sleep (because the kids are also fighting off a headcold) so my brain is a little mushy. Like porridge that’s been left sitting out too long.


Mermaid. Right. I thought it would be kind of fun to make a bigger one, plus my daughter is WAY into mermaids… So I made one.


I was thinking about how to do her and I read Hans Christian Andersen’s “The Little Mermaid” for some inspiration. She’s described as being pale with blue eyes and a lot of hair. That’s it. So I thought about it, and my mind went through some logic. Pale skin- sure. Hardly gets any sun (before she turns into a human, that is), so I used a pale peach color (Bernat, by the way). Tail? Well, she’s supposed to have a “fish” tail. The other popular mermaid done by a certain mouse company has a green tail, but I just haven’t seen that many green fish. So I gave her a gray one. And her hair, same thing. She doesn’t get that much sun, and all hair looks darker when its wet, so I gave her black hair. I was debating doing seaweed green, but instead I figured that she could have crocheted her top out of seaweed. There’s not a lot of cotton in the ocean to make clothes from. 😉

So she’s done. I got the body finished and then the arms and I was all, “Oh, is that it?” She’s REALLY fast to do. Pattern is available on Etsy and slightly cheaper on Ravelry. And, fun fact, all of the pictures in the gallery are linked up with Craftsy, so you can find her there, too.

Right now I’m playing with intarsia. It’s kind of fun. But the next pattern I’ll be doing will be for a beaver.