Now That It’s Not So Cold…

… I’ve finished my son’s mittens. He’s wearing them right now, of course, because they are Iron Man mittens, and he LOVES superheroes. I don’t like making mittens. They take a while because I’m all crochet a few stitches, distract myself with the internet… It’s the same basic pattern I used for my husband’s mittens, and I’ll try and get it posted in the next few days, with instructions on how to make them bigger or smaller. Then you can make mittens for EVERYONE!

Dude, it’s supposed to get up into the 70s tomorrow. :/ I WANT WINTER BACK.

I also made… These.

When I first really took up knitting, I was all, “I WILL KNIT SLIPPERS.” And these called to me. They beckoned. I had neither the right size or needles nor any bulky wool, so I put them in my Ravelry queue and kinda held onto them. Then I saw some bulky yarn on sale and I got it and I was all, “MIGHT AS WELL!” (Again, inner monologue is all in caps)

The pattern was… Well, it wasn’t originally written in English. And while they’re a fairly easy, quick knit, the pattern wasn’t originally written in English. But they are a quick knit. I think if I was going to make them again, I would make the ‘medium’ instead of the ‘large’ size that I made, because they’re not snug-fitting like I’d ideally want them to be. I added a basic black crocheted hdc oval for a double sole, because while they are a quick knit, I spent some time on them and I’d like them to last a little while. The “buttons” are just crocheted circles, of course.

All of my obligation-knitting-slash-crochet is now done (until the Yule gifts need to be started), and I’ll be moving onto something that I’ve kinda wanted to do for a while. I WAS going to make a mandrill, I may still at some point in the future, but right now I am going to make a selection of dancers. I’m not quite sure how many there will be, and if there’ll be boys and girls or just girls, but I have ideas!!

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