Hooded Things

Polar vortex or whatever, so I made hooded things. Because it is freezing.

It started out as a quest for me. I couldn’t find any hooded-cowl-things that I actually liked, so I was all, “GUESS I HAVE TO MAKE ONE!” So I made one.

Strictly speaking, it’s more of just a hood than a hooded cowl, but it is nice and snuggly warm, and worked up SUPER fast. Things I learned while making it: I have a tiny head. For reals. Ravelry and Craftsy

And then my daughter was all, “I want one!” and someone on the Facebook mentioned having problems finding one for children, so I was all, “WELL, GUESS I KNOW WHAT I’M MAKING NEXT!” (Most of my inner monologue is in caps lock.)

So I made this:

Not a hooded cowl at all. Like, not at all. Hood, though. And cape-thing. Ravelry and Craftsy.

It was a bit trickier to do. I wanted a more fitted hood for it, which meant that if I wanted it to actually fit right, I had to take shoulders into account. And I didn’t want corners over the shoulders sticking up like a pillowcase, so I had to actually fit it. It took some doing. But… I like how it turned out. And she likes it, too! There is a bare minimum of sewing- it’s worked top down, so everything is just joined onto the previous pieces.

Those 20 snowmen I made used up most of my white and black yarn (and red!) so I had to order some more. I use black in almost everything I make, so it’s fairly important to have. It showed up as delivered, not to me, and didn’t show up on the next couple of business days, so I ordered more. Have to have black. (And white. And red is good, too.)

It showed up yesterday, after my second order shipped. So now I have black FOR DAYS. Or I will, when this new order gets delivered. 😉 And lots of red to make a certain little boy some bigger mittens.

Next up: Well, right now I’m making a scarf out of some stash chenille yarn I had laying around. I really hate making scarves. BUT. It’s cold. It’s really cold. And I’m using the griddle stitch for it, so it’s going fairly quickly. I have to make SOMEONE some mittens, also Mr. Craft Frog has requested mittens. I want a better-fitting pair of slippers, AND I ordered some sock yarn before I realized that I don’t actually have sock needles (and the 2.50 size just isn’t cutting it), so I will likely be crocheting some socks soon, too. And animals. And and and…

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