It’s a Horse!

It is, in fact, a horse. I love it. For really reals. It’s a little different than my original horse, I have flanks on it inside of the hind legs just starting at the bottom of the body. I also changed the shape of the head a tiny bit. And sorted out my numbers, omg! I kept my notes from when I made the horses before, but my numbers were WAY off. I was all, “Do you even math?”

I math now.


So it’s done. And posted on Ravelry and Craftsy. The individual horse and rider patterns are available on Ravelry, too.

Okay. So. For a while now, I’ve been trying to come up with a doll standard that I could change into ANYTHING, so you could have, like, a ballet dancer on a horse. Or whatever. I HAVE ACHIEVED THAT. This is the first of what I’m going to call Frogland Dolls, which will all be the exact same size. When I edit the other doll patterns I’ve done, I’ll turn those into Frogland Dolls as well, so- hey. Kali can ride a horse, too! Or whatever. I’ll be posting alterations on here as well- simpler hands, elf ears, fairy wings, all kinds of stuff. This will be a thing!!

Also this week, over the course of two and a half days, I did this.

My daughter is the “friend of the week” this week in her class, which means she gets special privileges, and the other kids get to learn things about her. She had to bring a “treat” for all of the kids in her class. I was going to bake cookies, but then I was all, “FOOD ALLERGIES SUCK!” and I know how craptastical it is to watch everyone around you eat something you can’t have. So I was all, “I’LL CROCHET SOMETHING.” She chose the snowman. So I made… 20. I gave myself a blister from all the sewing. And I pretty much never want to see a snowman again. But the kids in her class seemed to like them! Yay?

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