Wiring Amigurumi

Adding wire to amigurumi can really make the project, and by wiring two limbs at a time, you’re providing a lot of stablity.

You’ll need wire, wire cutters, and pliers. I like to use 16 gauge dead soft wire because it bends easily, but is solid enough for the dolls to stand on. I also like to use wire cutters and needle-nosed pliers that you would use for beading, because they’re small and easy to manage.

Lay body out flat, position limbs on either side where they will be sewn on. Measure and cut a length of wire that reaches the entire length of the limbs.

Bend one end over.

Work one lightly stuffed limb over bent end. Insert unbent end into body where limb will be attached and push through so it comes out other side. Sew limb in place.

Trim other end if necessary and bend over. Work other limb over free end of wire and sew to body.

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