Tying Hair on Amigurumi

Everyone loves hair! Tying on hair (as opposed to sewing) is sturdier, but is more time consuming. For just small amounts of hair (like a horse’s tail), tying is the way to go.

Cut lengths of yarn for hair. Insert crochet hook though stitch where you want hair.

Fold length of yarn in half and loop over hook.

Draw yarn through stitch.

Put both ends of yarn through loop.

Pull ends of yarn tight to form knot.

To do a full head of hair, first tie on yarn in outline of the area you wish to fill in with hair- shown here with the Cowardly Lion.

To fill in the area, start at the bottom and tie hair along the bottom row. Continue on the next row up, and the next row, until you’ve come to the top of the outline. For thicker hair, tie on yarn at closer intervals. For example, for the Cowardly Lion I wanted a very thick mane, so I tied hair on every stitch.

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