More Knitting!

Those fingerless gloves I was talking about making? Yeah…

So that happened. I’m in love with this pattern. Stockinette is my favorite, and there’s a lovely (and SUPER easy) texture to them.

Cappio Fingerless Gloves found on Ravelry. I started them yesterday and finished today, so obviously they’re a fairly quick pattern.

I think if I was going to make them again, I’d drop out one of the pattern repeats from the middle. They fit my tiny hands exceptionally well, but the cable cast-on means they can only go up my arms so far, and since the object is to wear them while doing things (crochet, typing, etc), I don’t want them covering the base of my little finger because of how I hold my yarn for crochet. But that’s user preference, and not an issue with the pattern.

Dude. Knitting. Now I’m all, “SWEATERS! CABLES! SOCKS! MOAR SLIPPERS! KNIT ALL THE THINGS!” I need new knitting needles with a desperation- the coating is all coming off of mine, and they grind together pretty badly- so I’m thinking I might get, um… Several. *cough* And maybe some DPNs (OOOOOH ADVENTUROUS!!!)

In gaming news, I have finished the first playthrough of Borderlands the Pre-Sequel and I kept taking a bunch of screenshots all, “I WANT TO MAKE THIS CHARACTER!”

But not yet. My plans for right now are to put together a wire tutorial and crochet a horse.

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