Knit Slippers

We’re headed into the cold part of the year, and I have bad circulation, so I like to wear lots of layers. Slippers are fantastic, especially in the morning and at night before it has a chance to get warmer in the apartment. And I was all, “It’s been forever since I’ve knit anything- I could KNIT slippers.”

So I knit some slippers. I found this pattern on Ravelry.

I’ve been knitting since I was a little girl. Just knitting, though, which means row after boring row of garter stitch. So I wanted something a little more complicated without being difficult, and these looked like they would fit the bill.

They were AWESOME. Fast, once I got into my knitting groove. SUPER easy once I figured out how to purl. Purl is win.

So the slippers are done and on my feet RIGHT NOW. I will be knitting myself some fingerless gloves soon, too. I had a lovely pair knit for me by a friend, but one of them has vanished (looking at you, kids), so I need another pair.

Generally speaking, I prefer knit for wearing and crochet for amigurumi, and I actually really enjoyed knitting these, so I miiiiiiiiiiiight pick up some more knitting needles. I have one pair of size 6 knitting needles. 😉

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