Nisha the Lawbringer

So Borderlands the Pre-Sequel is coming out tomorrow. There are not enough caps for how excited I am. AND… I finished my latest piece of fan-art just in time!

Nisha the Lawbringer!

I’ve mentioned it before, but Gearbox puts out these fantastic cosplay reference guides, which makes making fan-art the EASIEST. I’m really pleased with how well she turned out, and how well she photographed.

I think she’s going to be my last piece of fan-art for a while. In addition to spending a ton of time gaming in the next little while *cough*, I’ve started a pair of slippers that I’m… DUN DUN DUN… KNITTING. I figured it had been a while since I pulled out my knitting sticks (what my daughter calls them), and it would be a nice challenge. And… I PURLED. I’ve never purled before! I FEEL SO ACCOMPLISHED. (Or something. 😉 )

The next thing I will be crocheting… Well, I have a couple things that I want to crochet. So, okay. A lot of the time, the things I crochet come from a sudden compulsion of, “I WANT TO MAKE THAT.” And this latest time, “that” is to make a bodice-ripper cover in crochet. So… That will probably be a thing. I also want to make a horse and rider, like, English-style equestrian that I will do a pattern for. And then, once the pattern’s done, I’ll take the horse and rider and make an art piece out of them. That’s the plan!!

One response to “Nisha the Lawbringer

  1. Do you sell these? They are awesome! I want one!

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