Color Cards!

The past few days have been a long series of yarn-winding and, “Huh. I didn’t know I had that.”

I  am… GETTING ORGANIZED! Maybe just a little overdue. *cough* We’re short on space, and there’s just not enough room for me to have a stash where I can see all of my yarn. So I’m constantly digging through my box o’ yarn, all, “Didn’t I have this color? I could have sworn I had this color. Maybe I need to buy some.”

So I made… THESE!

5-row, 5-stitch squares. Sometimes yarn looks a little different when it’s crocheted than when it’s on the skein. It’s mostly RHSS with a bit of Bernat Super Value. Did you know RHSS doesn’t come in peach? :/ But now I know exactly what I have, and it’ll just be a matter of digging through the yarn box to get to it. 😉 I’ve also managed to contain my stash QUITE a bit so that it’s no longer taking over the entire bedroom.

The next few days will be spent… With more organizing. I’m going to put up my own tutorial for wiring projects (that will be used in all applicable patterns) and some for wigging amigurumi dolls.

As for what I’ll be making… More fanart first, and then an equestrian-style horse and rider for… A PATTERN! I found the notes I used for Sleipnir and the unicorn mare, and I’m hoping that I’ll be able to use it for this size of doll with only minor adaptations (if any).

One response to “Color Cards!

  1. Great idea. I need to do that with my 10 totes of yarn, because I can never find the color I need. Would like to get some of your patterns and directions so that I can make them for my great granddaughter. Do you have a special website to get them?

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