Not… What I Planned

So I was going to do something for a pattern. I was all, “YES! MAKE ALL THE PATTERNS!”

And then… Well, it didn’t happen. My brain went all, “Nooo…. KRATOS!”

And then this happened.

With bonus look at his Chaos Blades.

Kratos from the God of War series on the Playstation. He is the Ghost of Sparta, and… Dat voice. Mmhmm.

What I like: HIS NOSE! I love his nose. I’ve been wondering how to do noses for a while, and I finally figured it out. Other highlights are his kilt, and his Chaos Blades.

However… I’m wishing I’d taken the time to figure out how to do the tattoo as a color-change on his body. :/ If I make another one, I will.

Next… Well, I got my new yarn, so Nisha is coming up. At some point. BUT… I’m also thinking about potions and dancers. Looking through my old goodies made me remember that I had plans to make all different kinds of dancers, because dance is my very favorite thing in the world after crocheting, so we’ll see.

Also, my sale is still going on. Everything that’s not sold will be salvaged for parts, so if you want something, let me know!

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