Have a Drink With Me

I’ve had Escape (The Pina Colada Song) stuck in my head the entire time I was making these. Hopefully now I can move on. 😉

I’ve wanted to do this for a little while now. A couple-few years ago, I took part in a handmade-oriented pay-it-forward, and I sent out crocheted drinks because I couldn’t be with my friends to have drinks. And I finally got it together enough to actually make some and make a pattern-thing.

I like how they turned out! Also, now I want a margarita. Available on Ravelry and Craftsy.

Also, worth mentioning again because it was kind of a throw-away post last time- my body parts keychains have all been made available for free on both Ravelry and Craftsy! I intend to copy them out and post them on here at some point, time permitting. And, a good portion of my patterns have had their prices lowered.

Next up- a fanart thing for my husband. And then potions. Geeky potions.

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