More Borderlands! MOAR! (Moarderlands?)


Because they love their fans, Gearbox put up cosplay reference guides for some of their Borderlands characters on their BL website. Obviously I’m using them for 3D art instead of cosplay, but they are INVALUABLE. Mordecai was based on a whole slough of screenshots that a friend helped me get, and it’s a LOT more convenient to use the handy reference guides. Also, the colors are not affected by the background and various lightsources. Just better.

So I made Claptrap.

I designed this one, and he’s a smaller Claptrap than the one I made previously, meant to be in scale with Mordecai (and future dolls in that size). Claptrap in the games can be obnoxious and annoying, and making him was NO DIFFERENT. Just a whole long line of frogging right from the beginning. But there were no major injuries, and he’s done. If I made him again, I think I might move the eye up a little bit, but I’m pretty happy with how he turned out.

Next I’m making… COCKTAILS! Yarn cocktails! With garnishes and stuff.

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