Pattern News

So I’ve been looking through some of my patterns (in the process of updating all of them) and I’ve made… A DECISION. Several decisions? The decision process was followed, at any rate.

Some patterns are going to be discontinued/consolidated. I liked what I did with the mini-whales, and I’ve noticed that my critters tend to come in two sizes- hand-held size and bigger, and the bigger ones all seem to be around the same size. So I will be consolidating the smaller ones with other related critters into bundles! YAAAAAAAAY! (Yay?)

Hyacinth macaw is coming along! It needs a beak and eyes and it’s done, and I may be able to get that done tonight. I went through my stage where I hated it and I think I’m done with that now. I have the feet on, and it stands by itself, which is pretty awesome. And it already has a home waiting for it so it’s not taking up storage space in my tiny apartment. 😀

AND… I’ve already decided what I’m making next. MOAR FANART YAAAAAAAAAAY

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