It’s a Skirt!

So it’s hot again. Well, it’s summer. But it’s, like, HOT. Like, don’t go outside, hot.

Finding women’s shorts that aren’t booty shorts is nigh impossible. (Don’t even get me started on girls’ shorts.) So I’m just all, “SCREW PANTS.”

But… In order to do that, I actually need an alternative. Behold.

It’s a skirt, made without pattern or measuring tape. I don’t recommend the last one. It’s easy to pull together, though. Sew one seam at the back to make a tube. Sew a waistband, put in elastic. Hem. Really straightforward.

But… This whole thing was kind of a comedy of errors. First of all, I ordered the fabric online. I ordered this particular fabric despite the recommendation of a different one (I’LL NEVER DO IT AGAIN!) solely because it’s 54″ across and 44″ just BARELY doesn’t cover my hips. I got big ol’ hips. And I’m a lazy sewer, essentially.

Luckily for me, I ordered the end of the bolt, and there was less than a yard left after my yard, and Joann’s was all, “HERE, HAVE THIS EXTRA FABRIC!” so I had LOTS. Which is lucky, because it’s sheer as HELL. Like, can see my skintone through it sheer. So I doubled it over. Things… went from there.

I ended up having to resew my one seam three times because it’s a crinkly fabric, and it was crinkling itself right out of the seam. Elastic issues, sewing machine issues, pin issues…

I sort-of eyeballed all of my measurements and it’s actually surprisingly straight. I also really love my hem. So next time I go to the store, I think a measuring tape is going to jump into the cart. 😉

BUT. I’m done, my legs are cooler (and happier!!), I got to play with my sewing machine, and it’s, you know… Good for lounging around the house! 😀

One response to “It’s a Skirt!

  1. Geez woman your brave!!!!!! LOL I’m amazed and sooo happy it turned out good!!! =D

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