It’s A Dummy!

I settled on something to make. I’ve been tossing around the idea of making a centaur for a while now, which means I have to figure out how to make a horse to scale. So then I figured I’d make a tournament-jousting style knight on a horse. I started looking at different armor and stuff for the knight, and then I realized that if I actually wanted to put it on the horse, the legs were going to be too short to sit properly. And I started thinking about other things that I’ve been missing from my dolls, like hands, and a shaped-in bust for the ladies. So I made a new model.

Wow. I had another half of this post written out and it just disappeared, so I’ll try again. 😀 When I make dolls, I work off of a very basic model. That way, I can see exactly where I need to change colors, add or subtract stitches or pieces. And so this is Rosa. Differences: Longer legs, longer body, a bust, the head’s a bit different, the arms are longer and have hands(!!) The kids want me to make her another arm… 😀

She was also made using an E-hook. I stuffed her quite firmly and I’m pleased that none of the stuffing is showing through, which was starting to happen with some of the older dolls. I think, going forward, I’ll be using an E-hook for all of my amigurumi.

Now I just need to make a horse. 😉

I also have some more “adult-themed” dolls that I’m thinking about doing. If that happens, I will be putting them up completely separately, because this blog (and patterns published hereon) are more, um, family-friendly.

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