Keychains! (And a revisited shark!)

I was all, “I’ll go through my keychain patterns and fix them up so I can publish them.” I was TOTALLY surprised to find two more patterns than I was expecting, so… Yay! So those are done and up on… Ravelry!





Also, I edited (corrected!) my Great Hammerhead Shark pattern because I saw a couple of reviews on it that said it was less-than-awesome, and… Yeah. Less-than-awesome. If you buy a pattern and it has errors like that, PLEASE let me know, either drop me a line or leave a review so I can fix it. And if you bought the Great Hammerhead on Etsy, drop me an email and I’ll email you a corrected one (the Ravelry ones went out automatically).

In the near future, I’ll be taking the adding wire armature and making a purse lining parts out of patterns and publishing them on here. More patterns edits, mostly just for conserving space (and size!). I’m still struggling with some serious self-doubt but I’m trying!!

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