Finally. For reals. But she’s done. YAY! I finished her up this morning while listening to Aqua. Which I’ve been listening to pretty steadily for the past few days. Ahhhh… memories.

NEXT UP: Um. Halloween dishcloths. Yeah. None of the other stuff I have on the go. It happened, as it normally does, that I was all, “Oh, HEY. It’s (insert holiday here) coming up!” So… Go me. Sneaks up on me every year. I have a couple planned right now, a pumpkin-thing and a ghost-thing. We’ll see how those go, there may be more.

I’m also working on setting up my own site to sell from. I have to manually input all of my blog posts, which is good because then I can go through them for links! Bad because, like, 300 of them. Good times.

Um. Happy weekend, everyone!

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