I’m Still Here!

I am, I promise. Still here. I am also now 30, which is, well, the same as 29 was. What up, 30! My daughter is now 5, which seems CRAZY to me. School madness starts next year, thanks to silly school cutoffs.

As I mentioned on Facebook, I’ve been CRAZY busy creatively lately, which means I tend to withdraw a little. I’m all, “I COULD go and update Facebook, or I could just CONTINUE MADLY WRITING.” So… That happens.

Sadly, not a lot to show for it. Seriously. I still haven’t finished the hippopotamus. Eye ridges and eyes and sewing the ears on and THAT’S IT. I did get my second hat finished, finally, and it fits way better- YAY. I’ve promised Yoda and Spider-man hats for the children, a Mike (Monsters Inc) for a certain little boy who calls him Broccoli, and I REALLY need to get cracking on some Halloweeny dishcloths- and then Wintery ones. So… All the things. It’s a little overwhelming, which makes it a little less appealing… IT’S THE CIRCLE OF LIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIFE. Just less fabulous.

On the plus side, fall is here. YAY. It’s cooler and less, you know, hotter than hell outside, which is always pleasant. AND I’ve set a goal for myself to have something concrete actually finished by the end of the week. I think I’ve got a pretty good shot, it’s only Tuesday. 😉

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