Wednesday Babble

It’s Wednesday. Happy Wednesday! I am due to get some more yarn in the mail today, at which point I will start making a larger hat.

Normally I would have posted about my recently finished hippopotamus pattern, but that is waiting until next week. CROCHET ALONG! It’s done, though. And I kind of love him. My daughter did agree to a bright pink one, and if I have any sparkly yarn left it will be bright pink AND sparkly. And fabulous.

I am waiting on some yarny mail, and then I’ll be doing myself up another hat. A slightly larger hat. It should only take a few hours. ALSO coming via mail today is some more cotton yarn, so I can make more dishcloths. MOAR. I have Halloween and Christmas patterns in mind. ‘Tis the season? ALMOST.

Also. I mentioned on Facebook that I’ll be working on a playground set. I got a lot of love about my Fairy Garden before (and after) I discontinued it, but it was one of my first patterns published and the quality really wasn’t great. The pictures were bad, some of the instructions were dubious… Live and learn. I really enjoyed making it, too, the idea of bringing a bunch of things together into one larger whole. This new one will be more of a collection than a set. Various parts of it will be available individually, there will also be parts done with embroidery floss for those who want a challenge (or like squinting at tiny things). Needless to say, this will be quite the undertaking and will probably be broken up by quick things- like the above-mentioned dishcloths. SAVE MY SANITY.

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