Crochet-Along, The Musical!

DETAILS. Details. Those two are so easy to mix up.

Anyway… So there will be a hippopotamus. I’ll be starting on Monday, September 9. This will take place on Ravelry, which requires membership but is totally free to join and they don’t send you spam or anything just for showing up. I’ll be doing the crochet-along in The Craft Frog group.

I will write the pattern and make it into a PDF. It will be available fo’ free for the crochet-along, probably from Saturday the 7th until Wednesday the 11th, after which time it won’t be free anymore. The pattern will be EASY, which means there will be a little bit of shaping and some sewing. You will need to know how to chain, single crochet, slip stitch, and single crochet decrease (which also goes by sc 2 together).

If you want to participate, you can either make it at your own pace and post tons of pictures OR I’ll be posting about (and making) the different parts (head and body, legs, tail, etc) every couple of days and we can do it together. And take tons of pictures.

Stuff you’ll need: YARN. For the pattern, I will be using Charcoal from Red Heart Super Saver and Coffee for the eyes (also RHSS). Incidentally this is worsted weight. I’ll probably make a bright pink one or something through the crochet-along because BRIGHT PINK HIPPOPOTAMUS!!! I will also being using an F-hook. If you’ve never done amigurumi before, I would recommend a G- or F-hook. You will also need some sort of stuffing (I’ll be using Mountain Mist Polyester Stuffing) and a yarn needle. And scissors. Unless you want to cut your yarn with your teeth.

5 responses to “Crochet-Along, The Musical!

  1. I’m going to call it now; crazy variegated hippo on my side!

  2. I have a skein of pink camouflage yarn somewhere… MUST FIND!!!!


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