Tools of the Trade- Writing Patterns

I’ve decided to do another blog serial to review the goodies I use and where I get them. Your experiences may vary.

I honestly have no idea how other people do this, so chances are that there’s a way more efficient way out there. But… Here goes. 😀

First, everything gets written down in MS Notepad, I write down the pattern notes as I go. Sometimes I’ll write very basic notes on my phone (if I’m outside or something) and then transfer it to Notepad later. The free patterns on my blog are basically just pattern notes, with color and finishing instructions added.

For patterns that get converted into PDF, I then copy/paste the pattern notes into a word processor. I just started using Open Office, which is free and really functional. Love it!

After that, I convert it to PDF. I use PDF24, which is also free.

Pictures get taken on my digital camera, uploaded to my computer, and then tidied up in Windows Live Gallery and either Fotofuze ( or Gimp if I need to even out the background. My backdrop for the pictures is either a piece of folded white fabric (mystery fabric that I got in a mystery bundle and I really need to get something that wrinkles less) or two pieces of swirly brown scrapbook paper.

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