It’s a Hat!

I am headed out on the town tonight (this is a very rare event for me) and yesterday I was thinking out loud and said, “I wish I had a cute hat to wear.” My daughter heard me and said, “You could make one.” I was all, “I probably don’t have enough time…” but then I logged into Ravelry and started looking at patterns. I was going for a very specific look, like a fedora, and I ended up with this.

There I am, looking very tired. I’m going to see if there will be a better picture tonight of the hat in action, but NO PROMISES!

It’s a trilby. In my hat search, I learned that a trilby is like a fedora, just with a short and more-turned-up-in-the-back brim.

Trilby it is. I’m afraid it’s just a little small. It didn’t take too long to work up, but sadly I am out of that color of yarn, so I may need to order some more from a Labor Day sale of some sort and make another one. Because I love it.

The pattern is here and it is AWESOME. I messed up a little to start with, but that was only due to my lack of reading comprehension. I tweaked the pattern a little because I used an H-hook and it was just a tiny bit smaller than the gauge, and I had to make it fit better.

2 responses to “It’s a Hat!

  1. woodlandrealm10

    LOVE IT! I must make one! And you look good in it 🙂

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