Meet Joy from CraftFrogPatterns & Enter to Win a Free Crochet Pattern

Oooh, I’m featured! Thanks Megan!

Megan's Beaded Blog

Today I am excited to introduce you to Joy of the squee-worthy CraftFrogPatterns shop on Etsy. Whether you crochet or not: you’ll be sure to adore her tiny, detailed creations. And if you DO crochet, then you’ll absolutely want to keep reading this interview, because below it is a chance for you to win one of Joy’s amazing patterns for free.

Can you sum yourself up in 3 sentences? Give it a go!
Coffee drives my life. I like frogs. I prefer the term, “Crazy Hooker.”

Tell us about what you sell:
Patterns! Pattern all the things!

What is your favorite thing about creating?
That rush after finishing a new project. I’m all, “YAY!!!!” and then, “Look what I can do!”

Where do you find your inspiration?
Everywhere! I see things and go, “I need to make that.” Characters from mythology or fantasy. My kids ask me to make…

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