Tools of the Trade- Other Supplies

I’ve decided to do another blog serial to review the goodies I use and where I get them. Your experiences may vary.

I’m going to talk about needles, stuffing, scissors, and all the other stuff that goes into amigurumi.

For stuffing, I use two different kinds. I’ve only ever used poly stuffing so I’m going to talk about those- but there are many different kinds of stuffing. I know some people like the polystyrene beads for amigurumi because they help weight things properly. Anyway, I use Poly-Fil and Mountain Mist. Poly-Fil is available at a lot of big box craft stores (and Walmart). It’s a looser stuffing and if you don’t stuff things really firmly, after a while it can compact on itself and make things a little floppy. But it is AWESOME to get wire through, and it’s what I usually use for things that I have a wire armature in. Mountain Mist is available at It’s very dense. Very, very dense. It holds shape like a CHAMP but getting wire through it requires half an hour and a large supply of cuss words. I use it for things that I don’t need to add wire to, like most of my animals and food things. If you’re making smaller pieces, you’ll probably want a stuffing stick to go along with your stuffing. Poly-Fil comes with one, but you can use a chopstick (or even a larger crochet hook).

Needle- USE A YARN NEEDLE. For serious. I used to not use specifically yarn needles, just needles that happened to have large enough eyes to get yarn through. I snapped most of them. Compared to other needles it looks a little like a sword… But it does exactly what it’s supposed to do (and doesn’t snap!)

Scissors. You need good, sharp scissors that are only used for yarn. Fabric scissors are good, but again… Only for yarn. ONLY FOR YARN.

For safety eyes, I use Darice ones with the plastic washer. They’re pretty pricey at big box craft stores, you’re better off finding them from a smaller supplier (CR’s Crafts, on Etsy, etc.).

There are a million and one styles of keychains. I use lobster claw snap hooks, but you can use keyrings or carabiners, just find a size that works for you and go for it!

I use dead soft 16 gauge copper wire. It bends really well and it’s sturdy enough to hold up heavier pieces. I have a pair of old beading pliers and wire cutters that I really need to replace soon, but I got mine from Michaels.

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