Back in Action!


I think.

The cold turned into bronchitis and it was ba-a-a-a-a-ad. I ended up getting… Basically nothing done last week. On the plus side, I did figure out what kind of pattern I want to do next! It’ll be a red-eyed treefrog! Ribbit.

Also, my recent ventures into purse-making and intarsia-style washcloth have brought more links!

The purse wasn’t too hard. I crocheted two pieces exactly the same, and then stuck the zipper and the lining in. All my sewing was hand-sewing and it actually went pretty quickly. Anyway, the lining was done like this, from Ball Hank n’ Skein, and the zipper was done like this, from Also included in the second link are instructions on how to do a more 3D purse lining.

For the intarsia-style washcloth, this photo tutorial from Banana Moon Studio is pretty good! It’s actually not that difficult to tackle, as long as you remember to drop your yarn on the same side every single time. The charts are fun to do, too!

And a picture. Every blog post should have a picture? 😀 We went to a lake yesterday for some social time (OTHER ADULTS OMG!) and while it was sunny at the lake, it ended up being stormy between here and there. What is about an hour’s worth of driving turned into a 2-hour epic journey of starting and stopping, due partly to the storm and partly to traffic from signs about road work and lane closure that weren’t actually there.
This is the view from my window from one of the times we stopped.

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