Canada’s National Animal


Ta-da!!! This is Canada’s national animal, Castor canadensis. Also known as the North American beaver. (Slight nitpick, there are subspecies of the North American beaver, but I couldn’t really interpret enough of a difference between them to make in crochet).

I’ve never seen a beaver in the wild, but there was a lodge close to where I lived when I was growing up. Apparently they are big and cantankerous, although I saw them on a David Attenborough documentary recently where they were sharing their lodge with some other animals in the winter. Awfully nice of them.

Shaping it took a while. The proportions on the head kept being wrong. Initially I was going to make the head separate from the body, but then I couldn’t get the curve of the back right. So now head and body are one piece. My son wanted one, he appears to be pretty happy with it.

Pattern available on Etsy and slightly cheaper on Ravelry.

Next up: No idea. None. I’m fighting off a headcold and had a crappy sleep (because the kids are also fighting off a headcold) so my brain is a little mushy. Like porridge that’s been left sitting out too long.

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