More Ganesha

I first made a Ganesha art doll a little while ago. He recently sold and when I took him out of my box o’ finished stuff, I had a bit of a hard time sending him away. So I made another one. Plus a pattern.


Ironically, because he’s invoked in times of creative troubles, I had a really hard time getting the body done. I had to frog him three times before I had it right. Oops! But after I got through that, he came together pretty quickly.

He is a pattern. The instructions for wiring him are included in the pattern. You can find him on Etsy and slightly cheaper on Ravelry.

Next. Next I have a couple of body parts to make. I don’t know what pattern I’ll do next, I have too many ideas jumbled up in my head. Maybe a mermaid. šŸ˜€

2 responses to “More Ganesha

  1. karis_oldestgirl

    A Mermaid would be REALLY cool!!

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