A friend of mine was lamenting that she hadn’t found a kiwi pattern she liked the look of. I was all, “CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!”


So I made a kiwi. I based this one on the North Island Brown Kiwi. It worked up pretty quickly, although it did feel a little weird not making wings for it.

Pattern available on Etsy and slightly cheaper on Ravelry.

I’m pretty excited. I plan to spend a good chunk of time tomorrow commenting on all of the awesome giveaways people will offer!

I have a few uteri to finish up, and then I’ll be doing Ganesh. He should come together pretty quickly, I’m using the same basic idea as I did for the bigger one and I had the foresight to write it all down (GO ME). He will be fulled wired, two sets of arms and his legs, and I’ll be including the instructions for that in the pattern. I foresee writing that out to be the longest part of doing the pattern. We’ll see!!

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