Inner Body Love

I’ve mentioned this before, and this is the last time I’ll be talking about it on here (until I do the grand opening). My Etsy shop The Craft Frog is changing into Inner Body Love, where I will sell crocheted organs and body parts and things of that nature. The name has already changed. I’m having a sale there right now: NOUTERI50 for 50% off of everything except the uteri to clear out stock, which will last until the listings expire. That’s the part I’ve already talked about.

The last non-uterus thing to expire is going to be Odin, which will expire on July 14. At that time, I will deactivate everything except the happy uterus and the uterus keychain until the grand re-opening which will be January 1, 2014. Probably at midnight. Hey, I’m boring, I need something to do to keep me up for bringing in the new year! New patterns are going to come a little slower, and I’m not taking custom orders for the foreseeable future. Some of the stuff that doesn’t sell before it expires may be put in Craft Frog Patterns, depending on how much space I have available for storage. Some will not.

That shop will pretty much stop associating with The Craft Frog. The Etsy shop that’s going to associate with The Craft Frog is Craft Frog Patterns where I will continue to sell patterns, and the pattern prototypes that I don’t want to keep around the house.

Nothing about this blog will change, or with Ravelry, or Craftsy. Well, less uteri and rants about reproductive rights. 😉

If you’re curious about what’s going on with Inner Body Love, I have a Facebook page set up. Fair warning, the only activity that it’s probably going to have until we get closer to the grand re-opening is me uploading pictures.

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