Space Bears!!!

When someone mentions water bears or space bears, they’re talking about this little guy.


This is a tardigrade. A tardigrade is a microscopic organism that can survive extreme environments, like boiling water and space. He’s hardcore. At the end of the world, there’ll be Red Heart Super Saver, Twinkies, and this little guy. Ironically, this one is made of Red Heart Super Saver!

I was going to give him claws, but I ended up not doing it. I couldn’t get them to look right even at this scale. So he is clawless.

He’s a pretty quick pattern. I probably would have had this all done yesterday if the front half hadn’t ended up in my tea. I think the hardest part of this is making sure that the legs are all lined up properly.

Pattern available on Etsy and slightly cheaper on Ravelry.

Next up, I’m making a harpy. I don’t know if I’ll be doing more Greek mythology monsters at the same time, but I really want to make a harpy. And probably Ganesh.

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