Too Many Ideas!

On the one hand, I never get creative blocks. So that’s a good thing. I’m lucky enough to never have to sit somewhere, staring at my crochet hook and yarn, willing myself to come up with something new to make.

What does happen is that I stop doing anything remotely productive because I can’t settle on one thing. I am about 3/4 of the way done with this tardigrade. I will probably finish it tonight. I should very probably be working on it now. I have the “snout” and mouth to make, and 32 claws to make and sew on. I know exactly how I’m going to make all of the pieces that I need to make, and roughly how they’ll look in my head.

I’m not, however, working on it. Instead, I am writing out a blog post about how I’m not working on it.

Roughly, my inner dialogue (complete with images and mock-ups and stitch patterns) looks something like this: “Mermaid I should probably give it to my daughter police officer should I make the shirt light blue I should look that up EMT fire fighter for a female one I’ll do a bun grad it’s graduation time soon I should get back and do those harpy minotaur cyclops medusa Ganesha I really liked him and want to make another one I’m not sure how well it’ll look smaller and I really liked the one I made Sleipnir? horse cougar bear grizzly bear or polar bear maybe I’ll take a break from patterns for a while and make some organs I should totally make a kink doll but I have an awesome idea for a harpy…” and it goes on.

I just made a post on Facebook about sometimes wishing I was an octopus so I could CROCHET ALL THE THINGS, but I’m thinking about it now and I’m not sure it would really help. In addition to the four projects I would be working on, my mind would be whirling with even more projects, and probably debating which set of arms to use for each one.

It must be coffee time.

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