Tools of the Trade- Suppliers

I’ve decided to do another blog serial to review the goodies I use and where I get them. Your experiences may vary.

I order most of my supplies online. Locally, we have a crappy Hobby Lobby and a crappy Michaels, and the selection at both is, well, crappy. If you’ve ordered a lot of yarn online, you may have noticed that it’s not uncommon for the shipping price to be the same (or higher) than the actual order of yarn. Shipping yarn is insane. For this reason, I tend to order only when there’s a shipping deal going on. If you find an online supplier you like, join their mailing list. Yes, you’ll get a lot of crap to wade through, but they’ll also let you know when they’re having deals on their shipping.

Lately, I’ve been ordering most of my yarn through Joann. They have a great selection, the prices are (for the most part) excellent, and they always seem to have a free shipping over $50 coupon, and quite frequently have either free shipping over $35 coupons, or a really low flat shipping rate (yesterday it was $.15). They ship pretty promptly and I’ve never had a problem with anything I’ve ordered from them.

I also order a lot through Herrschners. They haven’t had as many free shipping over $35 deals lately, so I haven’t ordered much through them recently. They have a pretty good selection and they ship promptly, and prices are pretty comparable to

I have ordered from Hobby Lobby. They seem to offer shipping coupons as often as does. Their house brand, I Love This Yarn, is one of the softest acrylics I’ve ever felt. Comparable prices, fast shipping.

I used to order from They always have free shipping over $35.00 and a pretty good variety. I stopped ordering from them after a negative experience, but I know a lot of people who are very happy with them. They are also an Amazon vendor, and if I were to order from them again, I would do so through Amazon.

I have ordered from Stuff4. They have almost everything you can think of, but the shipping is always priority and can get a little spendy. Prompt shipping, though, and I’ve never had an issue with any of my orders from them.

Safety eyes. I get mine from CR’s Crafts. I’ve ordered from them twice and I’ve been nothing but happy. They are a small business, though, and so they take a break from shipping over Christmas/New Year’s- but they still accept orders during that time and ship promptly after re-opening.

I get my lobster claw snap hooks through BeingBags and my copper wire through Thunder Moon Supplies. They’re both great independent suppliers to deal with.

Lastly, speaking of independent suppliers (think Etsy, eBay), they can be AWESOME if you’re looking for discontinued stock, or you just need a skein (or two) or something specific and/or obscure- like red eyelash yarn. Pay attention to feedback/reviews (especially recent ones) and make sure to read the listing carefully so you know exactly what you’re getting and how much everything will be with shipping. On eBay especially, I’ve seen SUPER low prices with OMGWTF shipping prices.

2 responses to “Tools of the Trade- Suppliers

  1. I like ( Free shipping on all orders, although a few times my orders have been backordered, and that sucked. But free shipping! Yay! And good prices on Misti Alpaca Laceweight, which is something I’d like to roll around naked in. I also like Elann ( They’re kind of like KnitPicks, but I prefer Elann to Knitpicks — there’s a greater variety of color, and I think the quality is a little better. I’m knitting something with the Alpaca Silk right now, and I’m sort of regretting that it’s for my sister. Hello Yarn ( has some amazing handspun and handdyed yarn, but it’s expensive, to put it lightly. Also a good source of spinning supplies. HelloKnitty ( is a good sources for Cascade yarns (Cascade 220 for $6/skein) and has $2.50 shipping on all orders. I’ve ordered from them before, and the yarn arrived quickly. Cottage Craft Woollens ( has good, cheap yarn for outer garments. It’s too coarse for something to wear next to the skin, but for a jacket or picnic blanket, it would be awesome. The prices are so good on their sweater kits, I’m thinking about knitting this one ( for my mom for Christmas next year. I’ve never ordered from them, but I’ve heard nothing but good things about Herrschners ( There are a couple more that I can’t think of right now, but when my brain starts clicking, I’ll post the links.

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