Emperor Scorpion

I figured I would challenge myself by going out of my comfort zone and making a scorpion. So this happened.

It’s an emperor scorpion. I thought briefly about making the back a solid piece, but I didn’t (even thought it meant more sewing). I thought it would be a hassle to make 8 of everything, but because the pieces are so small it didn’t really bother me. Everything was going on fine and dandy until I got the legs on, then it started making me a little bit uncomfortable. I don’t like spiders, and with just the legs it really looked like a spider. But I got it done. This does throw into question my ability to make a spider in the future (I’ve been debating it on and off). There’s also the fact that Mr. Craft Frog REALLY doesn’t like bugs or arachnids- luckily this one has found a new home.
Pattern available on Etsy and Ravelry

It is definitely easier to get a higher level of detail on smaller animals than on bigger animals. But, speaking of bigger animals, my next project is going to be a manatee. Hopefully by the time the manatee is finished, my red eyelash yarn will be here, and I’ll tackle an axolotl and a mantis shrimp!

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