These are the pirates that don’t do anything. I have that song stuck in my head and have ever since I started making them. (Veggie Tales song)

They don’t really do anything. Right now they’re parked in my finished project box, I’m pretty sure they’re thinking nefarious pirate-y things, but they’re not actually doing anything.

I’ve wanted to make a pirate for a while. Just one. And then I realized I had to make a girl pirate (or I’m sure my daughter would have disowned me) so I figured I would make a third pirate so I could have a little pirate party. Because everyone loves pirate parties? Arr?

I love them. I went through my usual, “What if they don’t turn out, I don’t like this part, I don’t like that part,” etc. but I’m pretty happy with how they look. On a related note, it can be a little frustrating searching the Google for people-dressed-as-things because you get a page full of “Sexy (whatever) costume.” Not. Helpful.

But, they’re pretty quick to put together and don’t take a whole lot of stuffing because they’re not that big.

In other news, I’ve already changed my Etsy shop name to InnerBodyLove which does affect the shop URL. It will work with thecraftfrog for a little while, but this is the first change of stuff to come. I’m also debating moving up my grand opening to July because that’s when my last non-uterus item will expire, and I won’t be renewing them. But we’ll see!

2 responses to “Arrrrr!!!

  1. Great. Now you’ve got the song stuck in MY HEAD! 😉

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