What’s Up at The Craft Frog

I’m changing tack. Again. Slightly. More like I’m focusing. It’s been about a year and while there has been some interest in my art dolls, it’s not really panning out, so I’m going to go in a slightly different direction with those and expand on them and something I’m already doing.

The dolls, I’ll still make them. I loves them. I’m in the middle of making some pirates RIGHT NOW. Right now. So while I’ll still make them, I’ll also be publishing the patterns for them, like I have with Dorothy and the Oz crew. I have plans to redo most of the ones that are already done and make them a little smaller and offer patterns.

So, in a nut shell, The Craft Frog will be all about patterns (and the dolls and hats I make from the patterns). More psuedo-realistic animals, more dolls, more hats, MOAR PATTERNS. Yeah, almost no change.

EXCEPT I’ll be expanding my line of uteri and other assorted body-part things and converting what is now The Craft Frog on Etsy into a shop for my crochet body bits and pieces. (There’s also a chance I’ll be offering polymer clay beads/jewelry and stuff, but I don’t want to get ahead of myself.) I’ll be setting up a separate Facebook page, and it will become a separate entity from The Craft Frog. I’m planning a grand opening in September or October for that.

In the meantime, all of the not-uterus stock from The Craft Frog is on sale for 50% off with the coupon NOUTERI50.

One response to “What’s Up at The Craft Frog

  1. Sign me up for the wizard of oz patterns!

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