Dolphin Show

This is my son’s dolphin, named Dolphin Show.
He fell in love with dolphins at our recent trip to the Georgia Aquarium, so of course I had to make one. Better a dolphin and a mosquito!
I actually didn’t get too frustrated with it, despite having to redo the head a bunch of times to make sure it was shaping properly. And the tail a couple of times. But, head to tail it is one piece. The flippers and dorsal fin have to be sewn on, but I thought the “snout” would look better if it wasn’t sewn on and I wanted to experiment with lining up the tail properly so it didn’t need to be sandwiched between two bits and also sewn on.
Pattern on Etsy and Ravelry

Next, I think I’m going to finish up the little hat patterns and make tiny narwhal hats. And then maybe Buddha.

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