Georgia Aquarium

So we were all, “Let’s take a couple days and go to Atlanta to visit the Georgia Aquarium!”
We left late Tuesday morning to drive there. It’s not a terribly long drive from here to Atlanta, about 3-4 hours. The kids are really good in the car, so it’s not a bad drive. There was a fire in the grass of median on the freeway while we were driving there- throwing lit cigarette butts out the window is bad.

Atlanta is big. We stayed right downtown, just a few minutes from the aquarium. Today we went and saw all the things. So now there will be pictures.

Albino alligator, right up against the glass.

One of the big hits, the beluga tank.


Bottlenose dolphin, more on these guys later.

My spawn, fascinated by the tropical fish.

And I took pictures of ALL THE FROGS, but here’s a couple.

And bottlenose dolphins. My son decided that instead of a mosquito he needs a bottlenose dolphin. He is IN LOVE with dolphins. He won’t stop talking about the dolphins. OMG DOLPHINS. So I will be making a dolphin next. Apparently.

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