Belugas and What’s Up

I totally made a beluga. We’ve been watching a lot of the Vancouver Aquarium’s web cams- this is the beluga cam- and my daughter asked me to make her a beluga. So I made a beluga.
Pattern on Etsy and slightly cheaper on Ravelry.
He’s modeled after a male beluga, I’m pretty happy with how he turned out. My daughter loves him and will be bringing him to…


We’re going to the Georgia Aquarium this week and I honestly don’t know if I or the kids are more excited. They have a frog exhibit right now, which… YAY FROGS. And whale sharks. I’ve never seen a whale shark outside of a picture. And the tunnel that goes through the tank… I’m super excited. There will be a ton of pictures, some of which I will probably post here because I can.

After we get back, I’ll be looking at making a mosquito for my son. I don’t know, he just wants a mosquito. The legs might be a bit of an issue because they’re so thin, but we’ll see.

I’m also going to be making the templates for the baby/child hats, so that I can start putting the baby narwhal hat pattern together.

In the future, I have more little playsets that I’m thinking through, like a pirate ship, Noah’s ark, and a little train set. I’m not sure when I’m going to get to them, but they’re tumbling around in my head.

I’m also going to start making more uteri soon, because uteri. I’m thinking about a bridal uterus and a goth uterus and a steampunk uterus… Uterus all the things.


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