Sea Otter and Self Promotion

I made a sea otter!
I love him. I was really worried when I was making the legs and arms that I would like the way he turned out, but I do. I had a lot of fun shaping the head so that he has an actual neck and a head. I love sea otters! Also: sea otter cam! It’s late right now on the west coast, so you probably won’t be able to see anything now, but I totally based mine on this little guy.

Patterns on Etsy, Ravelry and now Craftsy!

I’ve started listing patterns on Craftsy, slowly and steadily, which brings me to my second point: self-promotion.

I’m BAD at it. Horrible. “Say something about your product to get people interested!” and I go, “…” I, uh, made it. And I like it. So I think other people might like it. Yeah, that’s not really any good. Even now, talking about self-promotion, I am drawing a total blank. I keep switching windows and coming back to this blog post and I’m still, you know, nothing. I think this is probably something I need to work on.

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