Little Blue Penguin

There was a lot of procrastinating about this particular pattern. I didn’t particularly want to do the project I had set up for after it, so I procrastinated. But it’s totally done.

Little blue penguin! They are ADORABLE. So I made one. The flippers kind of happened by accident. I was trying to do something else with them and then realized that they were actually looking kind of like flippers (and my original idea wouldn’t have worked), so I just went with it.

Pattern on Etsy and Ravelry.

The next project that I was procrastinating about was something my husband volunteered me for. I think I was more procrastinating because I was volunteered for it than anything else. I am sewing a mei tai for a tiny baby. I love sewing (I need to pull out the sewing machine more often) and now that I’m actually working on it, I’m really enjoying it. Plus, I got to look at pictures of a tiny baby. I love tiny babies, and we’re definitely done in the tiny baby department, so I am restricted to looking at other tiny babies.

Next… The kids are on a dragon kick lately, and my son wants a black dragon and my daughter wants a blue dragon, so I will be making a couple of dragons. I will also be slightly revising my narwhal hat pattern and (self)publishing it, and I have a few ideas for other hats too.

I will be doing a free pattern this month. I was thinking pizza, but now I’m kind of thinking pie. So we’ll see! 😀

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