Dairy-Free Sweets

I am Super Severely allergic to dairy. Like, anaphylaxis-style allergic. My sweet tooth, however, has not gone away since discovering this allergy at the end of last year.

This can be a problem. Most of my favorite things (DOUGHNUTS and CHOCOLATE WITH CARAMEL) are loaded with dairy. That’s kind of what they do. Most store-bought pastries and cookies contain or “may contain traces of” dairy. So I went a-hunting.

Chocolate: I get soy-chocolate from Charm School Chocolates. They are WONDERFUL. I like the vanilla bean bars and the strawberry-covered hazelnuts, although my husband thinks those ones are too sour. I have nothing but good things to say about the company.

But. The whole thing about ordering things from the innernet is that you have to wait for them to be delivered. So when I want something NOW, I fall back on cookies. In my search on the internet, I have found LOADS of dairy-free cookie recipes (also one for baked cake doughnuts, incidentally), and here are two that I have tried.

The first one is not actually dairy-free. A friend of mine directed me to Two Peas In Their Pod a while ago when I was looking for a good oatmeal cookie recipe, and this recipe is awesome. I substitute vegetable oil for the butter, I leave out the nutmeg (because I don’t have any) and the raisins, and it makes about a dozen good-sized cookies. It’s an easy recipe and I like the smaller batch because really, my hips don’t need that many cookies. My husband LOVES them and says they have a really buttery taste.

My other quick and easy fall-back cookie recipe is this peanut butter cookie I found on allrecipes.com. Not quite as awesome, to tell you the truth, but super fast and easy to make and a nice change from the oatmeal cookies.

Cooling on my stove rightnow.

If you have any allergen-free recipes you’ve tried and LOVE, let me know in the comments!! 😀

2 responses to “Dairy-Free Sweets

  1. I think that friend who showed you the oatmeal cookies was me! That’s MY recipe. But I add cardamom instead of nutmeg (or sometimes in addition to). 🙂

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