Red Fox

The red fox is done!


He was a bit of a trial, trying to figure out where to change color from orange to white and all that, but I do like how the coloring came out. And the tail. I’m a big fan of the tail.

He is a pattern, for sale on Etsy and for slightly cheaper on Ravelry.

Next up, I’m making a mei tai for a friend who’s having a baby OMG THIS MONTH, and I have a custom order to do up. After I get through all of that, though, I’m going to re-release the fairy and gnome pattern from my discontinued Fairy Garden pattern, and then I’m thinking about starting something new! We’ll see. I might make a turtle instead.

Also… THERE WILL BE A GIVEAWAY TONIGHT! I’ll make a post and put up a link for it on Facebook, and it’ll run until Monday night. Yay giveaway!!!

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