February Giveaway

February looks so funny spelled out.


I have a problem. I have a tiny apartment and I’m running out of places to put supplies. For reals. So, I’m going to give some away! (Yay!) Our fabulous prizes are:

A bunch of fabric. I haven’t gone through my fabric yet and have no intention of doing so tonight, so it’ll be surprise fabric. There won’t be pieces smaller than a fat quarter, and there will be enough to fill a legal-sized envelope. It’s all quilting fabric.
Crochet supplies. One or two skeins of yarn (space is limited, yo, the mailers are only so big), possibly a crochet hook or 12, AND up to $10.00 worth of free patterns that I sell. Ravelry prices. So that could be 2 $3.50 and a $3.00 pattern, 2 $4.50 patterns, 1 $8.00 pattern, etc. The best way to look at all of my patterns is here on Etsy. Just take $.50 off of each price. Also, I try to keep only acrylic in the house, but I won’t send you *crappy* acrylic. It’s soft, I promise.

How do you win? Well, simply leave a comment at the bottom of THIS post. Please let me know which you would prefer in your comment. On Monday, February 12 at precisely 7:00 PM CST, you will no longer be able to enter. After that, whenever my kids finally let me sit down, I will use random.org to choose someone randomly and I will email you to collect your address. And then I will send you things. (This means that you need to leave an email address so I can get ahold of you, or I’m picking someone else.)

Please note: I have two cats. While I do my best to keep my supplies as cat-free as I possibly can, well… They’re cats.

22 responses to “February Giveaway

  1. Yay!! Giveaway!!
    I love the fabric option! I am a fabric addict!

  2. Carol Anderson

    Tough decision. I mostly crochet, BUT, I already have so much yarn..so, I am picking FABRIC. My goal is to start sewing more and I don’t have much fabric. Thanks for a nice giveaway!

  3. What a great giveaway. Fabric is always awesome!!

  4. awesome giveaway!! i’d totally pick the crochet supplies!! 🙂

  5. kellie hayden-mills

    Yesss would love the fabric option 🙂 More fabric the merrier 🙂

  6. How wonderful…I’d be so happy with either one!!

  7. I would LOVE the crochet stuffs! YARN! PATTERNS! YAY!!!

  8. Only if I can crochet you something in return!

  9. yarn for me 🙂 please . i would be honored to win 🙂

  10. Yay fabric! I’d love to win!

  11. Yarn! ::swoon:: This is a great idea for a giveaway and practical to clear space =) You’ve definitely got a lot of patterns I’d love to have but can’t buy as I’m unemployed at the moment. Fingers crossed!!!

  12. If this is open to Canada, I’d love to enter.
    I’d get the most use out of the fabric!

  13. Crochet supplies, please!!! ^_^

  14. I love the fabrics giveaway!!!

  15. Janice Kinshella

    I would love some surprise fabric. It’s so much fun to match it up and figure out what in my stash will go with it. jmkinshella@gmail.com

  16. I ❤ The lady behind The Craft Frog!! Crochet all the way 😉

  17. Oh wow! I would love crochet supplies 🙂 >^..^<

  18. I would love some crochet supplies. Thank you so much. aleciagoodman24@gmail.com or aleciarivers@yahoo.com

  19. my name is Emma!!!! wooooooo! i love giveaways! lol i am a crocheting ANIMAL! lol put me dow fro crochet supplies please 🙂 WereWolf1756@yahoo.com

  20. WOW!! For sure the Crochet supplies. – I am new and need stuff to learn!

  21. domestic diva

    The crochet supplies sound fantastic.