Great Hammerhead Shark

It’s a suh-hark. I love making sea creatures and I figured a great hammerhead shark wouldn’t be too difficult to put together.DSCF5477
I love him. He ended up a little chubbier than I wanted him to, but that’s sort of the way the cookie crumbles. He was a whole lot of fun to make, plus I got to hear the theme from Jaws in my head a bunch of times (even though he’s the wrong kind of shark).

I love making these pseudo-realistic animals because I learn a lot about them. For example, I didn’t know that the hammer part of the shark’s head is called a “cephalofoil.”

Pattern, available on Etsy and for slightly cheaper on Ravelry

I am going to be concentrating on patterns for a little while, probably until June or July. I’ll still be doing the odd arty project here or there (including the chess set which is trucking along), but mostly patterns.

Also, I’m going to be changing the logo/banner/heading on all of my existing patterns, so if you’ve bought one before, they’ll have a slightly different look to them.

Next up, the black queen for my chess set. And then I don’t know, honestly. A bear, or a crab, or a rottweiler, or a squirrel… Yeah, I just don’t know. I’m sure it’ll come to me! 😀

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