Army of Little Uteri

Last month, I think, I was having a Facebook conversation and I think I mentioned that I wished my uterus could do the dishes for me and a friend suggested that I make a dish-washing uterus. So I had to.

From there, I made the Christmas uterus and the uterus keychain, and this one just kind of sat around for a little while, looking at me. I didn’t really know what to do with her. I did know that making little uteri doing things would be a lot faster than making the bigger ones doing things (which I’ve been thinking about) so I let the ideas percolate for a little bit.

After I finished my Christmas orders and the sweaters for the kids, it was time to get back to work. And I figured, what better way to start than by making a bunch of little uteri doing stuff. So I made these. (There will be Bridal Uterus coming soon, I have lace on order.)

It’s a bad angle, but the bottom one is PMS Uterus, with a bottle of pain-killers and a hot water bottle.

These are all available here!

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