Daylight Saving Is Boo

I was rather remiss (slacker/lazy) about updating my blog last week. I was going to, but then I didn’t… It’s not because I haven’t been doing anything, I’ve been pretty busy!

We all had a miserable cold, I think the kids are finally “all better.” I’m still dealing with the tail end of it, but that’s sort of par for the course with the asthma.

I’ve gotten a lot done. There’s a bunch of new listings in the Etsy store, including Sofia the stealth-uterus and a bacon-and-egg keychain. Because bacon.

I’ve been muscling through my sweater. I have to finish the last sleeve and then the hood and then sew it all together. I keep being reminded that I’ve promised the children sweaters as well. As usual, we’re into November and it’s still 70/80 degrees outside, so I have a little bit of time. I think if I can just sit down and do them, they’ll finish up fairly quickly. Plus, not as tedious as scarves.

Speaking of uteri, I forgot how much I love making them and I intend to make a lot more. Different colors, embellishments, embroidery, all kinds of different uteri. I will spread the uteri all around the world.

In the near future (hopefully) I will be getting a digital postal scale and will no longer be relying on USPS flat-rate postage. It’s convenient, but it’s hell on international shipping (and tiny things like keychains), especially when I ship such light things. When that happens, I’ll probably start destashing some fabric. I’ve picked some up in grab bags and stuff that aren’t really my thing, and I need more room for yarn. 😉

Right now I’m working on Father Christmas. I had more winter/holiday stuff planned, but I think this is going to be the last of my Christmas projects for this year. Maybe I’ll make some this summer. 😀 I’ll try and be a little better about updating my Tumblr with in-progress shots of this one than I was of my last project!

And since blog posts should have pictures, here is Sofia the stealth-uterus.

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