Ruffle Scarves

I picked up a bunch of ruffle yarn and realized I’d never use it on my dolls, so I decided to make scarves. I’ve made 4 of them now. They’re not bad. There’s a bit of a learning curve to them, but after you’ve figured it out (and most ruffle yarn or ribbon yarn comes with evenly spaced holes with which to knit or crochet), they go pretty quickly.

I did mine in a different style than most of the other ones I’ve seen, because the width of the “ribbon” was a lot shorter than most of the other brands I’ve seen.

The yarn does have a tendency to curl. I think most of the time spent making them was spent unrolling or untwisting yarn.
I’ve made 4 keychains now, too. There will be more to come, but I’m going to take a little break from doing them and make some other stuff. I haven’t quite figured out what, yet. I may take a day or two off. I’m still trying to shake the last of this cold that I’ve had for a week now, and both kids are just miserable right now with coughs and stuff, so I’m starting to get a little frazzled and I don’t want to burn out.

And lastly, I know more people keep up with me on Facebook than they do on here, so I’m going to reorganize my Facebook pictures a little bit so they’re more like the galleries I have on here and it’s easier to see what I’m selling, and what I have patterns for, and stuff like that.

2 responses to “Ruffle Scarves

  1. just wondering what brand and color this purple yarn is its beautiful

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