A Private Detective

This is my take on a certain “private detective.”

He was fun to make! This was the first time I’ve tied on a full head of hair, and the part that took the longest was the hair line. After I got the hairline in, it was just a matter of filling in the back, and I didn’t need to tie onto every stitch until I got to the top. Still a longer process than sewing the part down the middle. 😀 He is on his way to Canada!

I’ve been having some issues with fabric.com, and apparently I’m not the only person who’s been having problems with them lately. :/ I ordered some yarn from them and they were out of stock on majority of the yarn, despite the website saying there was 20-50 units of each yarn in stock. I got the email telling me they were out of stock a few days after placing the order and I checked the website and it was still listing those yarns as being in stock. :/

Anyway, I’ve been waiting for my refund for an unreasonably long time, and finally I just opened a dispute through Paypal. A friend of mine was saying that she had to wait a month to get her refund, and that’s pretty terrible. I don’t know if they’re just too busy to keep up with all of that stuff- updating the site, issuing refunds, etc. and I’m willing to give them another shot, but the next time I order yarn, I’ll probably order from herrschners.com.
Next up: I think I’m going to make some more keychains, finish another scarf, and then either make Father Christmas or my wedding party minis

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